Grime MC AJ Tracey collaborates with Boom Burger for ultimate ‘AJ Tracey’ burger

The burger is only available until the end of May.

West London Grime MC AJ Tracey has collaborated with Notting Hill’s Jamaican burger shack Boom Burger to create his own burger.

Aptly titled the ‘AJ Tracey Boom’ burger, it’s made up of Jamaican fried chicken, Boom’s special buffalo sauce and tangy slaw.

In keeping with the lyrics on his track ‘Packages’, the ‘AJ Tracey Boom’ burger also features ‘double cheese, no onions’.


The burger is priced at £10 and is only available until the end of May.

In 2016, AJ Tracey released the ‘Lil Tracey’ EP, releasing its third single ‘Luke Cage’ back in February. “I draw my inspiration from everything: reggae, club music, trance. Anything and everything that sounds good, I’ll listen to it and I’ll make any type of music,” he told NME.

Having played his first US shows earlier in 2016, Tracey landed on the radar of American audiences after hopping on a Clams Casino remix with A$AP Rocky and Lil B (‘Be Somebody’).

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Tracey says that ‘there’s definitely more collabs coming’.“I can’t really talk about it right now, but there definitely is. In the very near future you’re gonna hear them. Like ASAP,” he added.


Speaking of when we can expect a full LP, Tracey said; “Everyone’s asking me about an album and I’ll do it when I’m ready.”

He added, “What you’ve seen from me so far, that’s the lowest bar that you’ll see. It’s just going to go up from there.”