Watch AJ Tracey explain why he’s backing Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in UK election

Grime MC says Labour will 'give young people a hope, a chance for their future'

Grime MC AJ Tracey has explaining why he’s voting for the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming UK general election.

The UK goes to the vote on June 8, with Tracey appearing in a new Labour Party campaign video, explaining why he is backing Corbyn.

“The Labour Party strongly support the youth in following their dreams and giving people a chance,” Tracey says.

The Ladbroke Grove native goes on to argue that the Tories are trying to “dismantle” the NHS, which he calls the “jewel of the UK”.

“In my opinion we need a Labour government to give young people a hope, a chance for their future and I genuinely believe that Corbyn is the man to do it,” he adds.

Watch in full below:

NME recently spoke to Jeremy Corbyn. Check back for the full interview soon.

Corbyn recently spoke at a Libertines concert at Prenton Park, the home of Tranmere Rovers FC.

He told the crowd at the gig: “This is a fantastic chance and opportunity. Merseyside has a history of music, and is the music capital of our country. I want a country where everybody can play sport if they want to, every child can learn music, and society is brought together by that. Do you want housing, do you want care, and do you want a society coming together? Or, do you want selective education and fox hunting?”