Akala says the Grenfell Tower residents ‘died because they were poor’

The rapper speaks out for those who died in the fire

Akala has spoken out for the residents of Grenfell Tower – arguing that those who lost their lives ‘died because they were poor’.

At least 30 people have been confirmed as dead so far after a fire broke out in the the 24-storey tower block in north Kensington in the early hours of Wednesday June 14. The tower was home to around 140 flats, and the death toll is expected to rise.

Many artists and figures form the world of entertainment have paid tribute to those effected – with many even accusing the council and government of negligence. Residents have stated that their calls to improve fire safety were ignored. Now, UK rapper Akala has spoken out in their defence.

“The people who died and lost their homes – this happened to them because they are poor,” Akala told Channel 4 News. “We are in one of the richest spaces not just London but in the world. Repeated requests were ignored. There is no way that rich people would be living in a building without adequate fire safety.

“Everybody I spoke to couldn’t hear alarms, there was no sprinkler system…”

Responding to the notion that the building underwent refurbishment last year, Akala said: “It was an eyesore for the rich people who lived opposite. So they put panels, pretty panels on the outside, so the rich people who lived opposite wouldn’t have to look at a horrendous block.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised an official investigation into how the fire came about, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded ‘the truth’ for residents when he visited the site of the tragedy.

The Grenfell Tower blaze

The Grenfell Tower blaze

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell is currently planning a charity single to raise money for the victims and survivors, and Hans Zimmer donated the proceeds from his gig last night at Wembley Arena.

Visit here to donate to the Grenfell Tower emergency appeal