Paddy Hill will join the band at their London show...

BIRMINGHAM SIX ex-prisoner PADDY HILL is due to join Alabama 3 onstage at LONDON‘s SCALA on September 28 to perform a track from their forthcoming album ‘LA PESTE’.

Hill has been a friend of the south London Elvis, gospel and rockabilly devotees for some time and is most likely to join them for ‘The Thrills Have Gone’, a track to which he contributes vocals on the album.

Hill was one of the group of Irishmen wrongly convicted of the November 1974 pub bombing in Birmingham in which 21 people were murdered. They served some 16 years in prison before their convictions were quashed on March 4 1991 when it emerged their confessions were beat out of them and that the evidence was inconclusive at best.


Their plight was highlighted on The Pogues 1988 track ‘Streets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six’.

Hill will also be in attendance to mark the official launch of the Miscarriage of Justice Awareness Organisation (Mojo). The group, with whom Alabama 3 have close ties, have worked in recent months to draw attention to miscarriages of justice in the British legal system.

Supporters of Mojo include Asian Dub Foundation, Bobby Gillespie, Stereo MCs, and comedians Jeremy Hardy, Rob Newman and Mark Thomas.

‘La Peste’, the follow-up to 1997’s ‘Exile On Coldharbour Lane’, will be released through Elemental on October 16. It will be preceded by single ‘Too Sick To Pray’ on October 9.

The full tracklisting is as follows: ‘Too Sick To Pray ‘Mansion On The Hill ‘Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlife ‘Walking In My Sleep’ ‘Wade Into The Water’ ‘Hotel California’ ‘Cocaine (killed my community)’ ‘The Thrills Have Gone’ ’21:29′ ‘Strange’ ‘Sinking’

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