Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard shares new single, ‘History Repeats’ from her debut solo album

Howard will also visit the UK later this summer

Brittany Howard, lead singer of Alabama Shakes, has shared a new single ‘History Repeats’ from her upcoming debut solo album. You can listen to the new track below.

The new album, ‘Jaime’ will be released on September 20 via Columbia Records. The album’s title is a tribute to her late sister who died of cancer when the two were still teenagers.

“The title is in memoriam, and she definitely did shape me as a human being,” said Howard. “But, the record is not about her. It’s about me. I’m pretty candid about myself and who I am and what I believe. Which is why I needed to do it on my own.”


Speaking about her new single, Howard added: “‘History Repeats’ is as much a personal song as it is a song about us as a human species. Our times of success may propel us forward, but our repeating failures hold us back from evolving into harmony.”

The tracklist of ‘Jaime’ is:

History Repeats
He Loves Me
Stay High
Short and Sweet
13th Century Metal
Goat Head
Run To Me

Speaking about her solo work away from Alabama Shakes, Howard said whilst it was daunting, it felt like a necessary step.

“I turned 30 and I was like, ‘What do I want the rest of my life to look like? Do I want to play the same songs until I’m 50 and then retire, or do I do something that’s scarier for me?,” she said. “‘Do I want people to understand me and know me, do I want to tell them my story?’ I’m very private, but my favorite work is when people are being honest and really doing themselves.”

Howard also revealed that in between albums with Alabama Shakes, she gets restless. “To me, there is no time off – I’m a creative person and I need to create, or I just feel weird, not fully human.”


Howard is also coming to the UK this August, with a date at London’s Hackney EartH on August 29. Tickets will be available to buy here on July 5 from 10am. Fans can pre-order the album here for early access to UK ticket sales on July 3, also at 10am.