Alan McGee predicts the end of the single

And the man who discovered Oasis blames downloads

Alan McGee has predicted that the single format will be “obsolete” by the end of a year, blaming downloads for “killing sales”.

In a bulletin posting on his MySpace website, the man who discovered an signed the likes of Oasis, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and now manages Dirty Pretty Things, claimed that the advent of digital music is signalling the end for major labels and their obession with CDs, and likened the popularity of downloads to “song culture like the 50s”.

He wrote: “By the end of the year the single in England will be obsolete. Downloads are killing the physical sales. Downloads is song culture like the 50s. The start of rock’n’roll song culture is/ was rock’n’roll. The majors have lost the means of distribution now.


“Downloads will be king within the next couple of years. The majors have lost the football. The accountants are fucked because they never liked music anyway. CDs are ugly fucking data invented by the majors. Only useful now for DJing or downloading to your iPod. Their game is up.”

However he does not predict all doom and gloom, as McGee added that iPod culture is now challenging the “major label monopoly” on music.

He stated: “People listen to music now on iPods – life is too fast to stick on CDs and listen to whole albums in the house. None of us have the time but we will listen on an iPod anywhere.

“Music is changing again and it’s in favour of the musicians and the indies – we can change fast not the major corporations. Apple is sexy. EMI isn’t – (they’re) both corporations but Apple rule. They move fast and the majors hate them..i love them.”