Alan McGee suggests Oasis could have been even bigger if they formed today

The Creation Records boss also discussed the forthcoming Creation Records film

Alan McGee, the man who signed Oasis, Primal Scream and more to the legendary label Creation Records, has said he believes the bands would have thrived if they were formed in 2018.

Speaking to Gordon Smart for Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV, McGee was asked how Oasis, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays would fare if they launched today.

“I think… they would have adapted to the whole social media thing, and they would understand it,” he said in the clip, which you can watch below.


“And then they intrinsically had the music anyway, especially the Primals and the Mondays who were unique. ‘Bummed’ is unique, ‘Screamadelica’ is unique, they’re incredibly unique bands.

“Where could it really have went if somebody like Oasis had the internet behind them?”

He was also asked about a forthcoming film about Creation Records, and said he has ‘no idea’ who’s playing Liam and Noel Gallagher.

“I think the producer wants to do open casting [for Liam]. You’ll have all these Liam impersonators coming down to Manchester!”

In the interview, he also revealed that ‘Slide Away’ is his favourite Oasis track. “Noel came in with a girl he was seeing at the time and it was the only thing we kept from the first session, the first session was rubbish!”


McGee added that Primal Scream are the band he’s proudest of managing. “Because I grew up with Bobby and Robert and Andrew. That was the one I gain the most satisfaction [from].”

As for managing Shaun Ryder, he said: “It’s not hard! His wife does a lot of the personal managment, I just do the music stuff. The wild days of Shaun are over.”

McGee, who currently helms his new Creation23 label, also heaped praise on new signings Rubber Jaw.  Sent their music by an “ex-mod, ex-football hooligan” friend, he says he was impressed by the band’s “Radiohead-type pop”.

He teased that the label will soon sign “a couple of bands”, including a Los Angeles-based electronic punk band, whose singer is the son of a member of punk legends Generation X.