Alan Sugar actually thought Taylor Swift had a swastika tattooed on her face

Caught out by a spoof article

Lord Alan Sugar has been caught out by a spoof article claiming Taylor Swift has a swastika tattooed on her face.

Satirical news site The Onion published a story yesterday (April 25) with the headline “Taylor Swift grateful Kanye West controversy taking heat off new swastika tattoo”. The “news in photos” article comprised of a photoshopped image of the singer with a big, black swastika covering her left cheek.

“Eh I don’t get this,” Sugar wrote on Twitter, quoting the publication’s piece. “Can someone explain is she making a statement or what?”

Alan Sugar Taylor Swift

Some of his followers were also caught out by the satirical tone, with one responding: “It defies me, Lord Sugar! I can only say that if there’s some supportive message in there, it’s lost on me! Thoroughly tasteless. Corbyn would probably like it.”

“I doubt she knows what she’s doing either,” another added. “Seeking attention!”

Others pointed out the TV star and businessman’s mistake. “You absolute Windows 95 side salad,” wrote one Twitter user. Another asked: “Lord Sugar are you a comedy genius? Or…”

“Its the worst thing she’s done since that George Osborne break-up album,” tweeted someone else, linking to another satirical article claiming the pop star had written six songs about a “brief but tempestuous relationship” with the former Tory MP. Sugar has yet to comment on his error. 

Meanwhile, Swift has teased what to expect from her ‘Reputation’ stadium tour. In a series of Instagram stories, the star outlined plans to tease tidbits of information about her tour every day.

On Wednesday (April 25), she revealed that she would be playing “ten songs from previous albums” during her sets. “Really excited about playing stuff from ‘Reputation’ and really excited about playing stuff from previous albums too,” Swift said.