Mephedrone review ordered by UK government following teenager deaths

Lord Mandelson orders 'speedy' review of legal high

Business Secretary Lord Peter Mandelson has ordered a Government review into the legal high mephedrone following the deaths of two teenagers who are thought to have taken the drug.

Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, both died in Scunthorpe on Monday (March 15) after taking the drug, reports BBC News.

In response to the deaths Lord Mandelson said the Government would take “take any action that is needed… to avert such tragic consequences occurring in the future”.

He admitted that he had never previously heard of mephedrone. The Government has now asked the Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs (ACMD) launch an investigation into the drug.

Professor David Nutt, of the advisory group the Independent Scientific Committee On Drugs (ISCD), said that it is also due to discuss mephedrone at its next meeting.

“The ISCD takes seriously the potential risks of mephedrone use,” he said. “It is discussing this matter at its meeting on April 23. It is also liaising closely with the European Monitoring Centre For Drugs And Drug Addiction, which is currently reviewing the situation across the continent and will report in July.”

Police have arrested three people following the deaths of Wainwright and Smith.

Mephedrone is available to buy legally online, and is known by a number of different names including 4-MMC, meow meow and plant food. The drug is illegal in Israel, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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