And - get this - she's gonna be on 'Sex In The City'...

ALANIS MORISSETTE is selling the bulk of her shares in MP3.COM, it has emerged.

Just a day after it was announced that Tommy Boy Records, home of De La Soul and Everlast, had signed a landmark deal to have their catalogue licensed to the Music Service Provider, (a service that allows consumers to listen online to music they have previously purchased) it appears that the Canadian singer-songwriter is keen to cash in her investment.

She is reported to have sold 189,328 of her shares, originally purchased in April 1999, for $1,529,700.


Australian website [url=] has quoted the US Securities and Exchange Commission saying the singer is ready to unload a further 70,000 this week $511,000. A spokesperson for Morissette was unable to confirm the claim at press-time.

Morissette is also rumoured to be appearing in a forthcoming episode of US television show ‘Sex In The City’.

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