The singer says that she hopes the show will
have the purpose of "reaching out to those who have been touched by all that has


MORISSETTE has said she is planning “some sort of relief show” for the

victims of the US terrorist strikes.

In a letter posted on the singer’s

official website,, the singer said that she hopes the show will

have the purpose of “reaching out to those who have been touched by all that has


Elsewhere, Morissette

has spoken on her feelings following last week’s terrorist activity.


wrote: “I send you all so much love during this time filled with so many

emotions. There is grief and shock and anger and confusion and despondence and

depression and analysis and fury and numbness and fear and disbelief and denial

and compassion and concern and love. All of which, I feel, is totally

understandable and natural…

“This is a time of true self-definition in the

face of what has happened and I send support during this process of defining who

we are in accordance to what has gone on over the last few days. You are not

alone. This is an intense time, the likes of which most of us (particularly of my

generation) have never experienced before.

“I send love and care and empathy

to those whose family and friends were directly touched by what has happened…

and I send the same love to those who are affected because they feel others’ pain

as deeply as if it were their own (and I believe that others’ pain is our own). I

send love to everyone who is afraid.

“My hope is that we respond from the

highest level of self-care as is possible as well as with a curiosity toward what

the root of the motivations to attack were. The amount of large decisions being

made over the next many hours are the kinds that can attempt to form a collective

message about who we think we are as people and as a country. My wish is that

this message represents us as a people who can take care of ourselves with

strength and conviction as well as our being able to show our wisdom, compassion

and awareness of our interconnectedness as human beings at the same