Angst queen Alanis talks about new album after Navajo pilgrimage...

Alanis Morissette is to launch a new TV series in the US which features rock stars getting spiritual in remote locations.

Morissette made a pilgrimage to Navajo Nation‘s Canyon De Chelly in Arizona to immerse herself in Native American culture and theology for the series ‘Music In High Places’, learning about “philosophy and higher powers… Western civilization, white people, family, God – everything” from her Navajo guide. Future episodes will feature R&B star Brian McKnight in Brazil, folk singer Shawn Colvin in French Polynesia, and Orange County rockers Sugar Ray in Mexico.

Speaking to ‘ and ‘Baba’) also revealed that she is almost ready to start work on her next album: “I’m about to dive into writing for the next album, which I do in my head. The actual making of the record, that’s the last ten per cent. Ninety per cent comes from living, travelling, my diary. And the rest will come forth in the studio.

“I think I’m going to produce it myself this time. I always want to stretch and scare myself. And it’ll just have to form itself, be a snapshot of where I am at the moment.”