Alanis Morissette talks struggles with eating disorders: ‘Food is entirely medicine to me’

Singer describes her battles with 'bingeing and purging, starving, overeating'

Alanis Morissette has discussed her struggles with eating disorders in a new interview.

The singer recently announced that she’ll release a four-disc reissue of her hugely successful third album ‘Jagged Little Pill’.

Speaking openly in Women’s Health, Morissette described her battle with such disorders as bulimia, comparing the illness to a drug or alcohol addiction.


“The big question for me around eating-disorder recovery is, ‘What is sobriety with food?’” Morissette said.

“We know with alcohol, you just don’t drink it and don’t go to a bar. With heroin, you just don’t go near it. Whereas with food, you have to eat, so how can one go from, in my case, bingeing and purging, starving, overeating, the scale going up and down – how can I go from that to a ‘sober’ approach?”

Morissette also detailed how she tried to change her outlook on food and eating.

“I’ve been so disassociated for most of my life, and it’s shown up in various forms like eating disorders and not having boundaries around having sex as a young person, and just not being aware of boundaries and having a lot of mine be violated and not considered. For me, the idea of building boundaries has become a huge part of my spiritual practice. With the mindfulness somatic practices, it’s really helped me stay in my body,” she said.

“I was raised on macaroni and cheese. But I’ve noticed allergies that have gone away when I step away from dairy. I’ve noticed when I get the high-nutrient greens, I sleep better. There’s less moodiness. Food is entirely medicine to me. That doesn’t mean I’m just eating seeds and raspberries, although that’s fun, too, but it’s an integrative approach.”


Morissette’s ‘Collector’s Edition’ of ‘Jagged Little Pill’ will be released on October 30. It will feature a remastered copy of the original album, a disc of unreleased demos, a previously unreleased 1995 concert and a copy of the 2005 album, ‘Jagged Little Pill Acoustic’, as well as rare photos and a new essay penned by Morissette herself.


This lush edition is limited to 30,000 copies worldwide, but a two-disc ‘Deluxe Edition’ featuring the album and unreleased rarities will also be released.

Morissette has recently been working on turning ‘Jagged Little Pill’ into a Broadway musical. Composer Tom Kitt, who worked on the stage version of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’, is serving on the project with Morissette, with Vivek J Tiwary and Arvind Ethan David on board as producers.


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