The star promises we'll hear all about the last few years of her life...

Alanis Morissette is to head back to the studio within weeks to begin recording the follow-up to 1998’s ‘SUPPOSED FORMER INFATUATION JUNKIE’.

The Canadian singer/songwriter revealed the news during a question and answer session at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles last Thursday night (August 17). The session followed the final show of Morissette’s three-week, 11-country tour that saw her play in odd places such as the Lebanon and Croatia.

[url=] reports the singer claiming the forthcoming record will echo the introspection of the previous one, with Morissette promising details of the last few years of her life.

“I liken it to a sponge,” she said, “I spend two or three years absorbing this crazy water, and then I get into the studio and I just squeeze it.”

Morissette also indicated that long-time associate Glen Ballard – the man responsible for producing her previous two albums – would not be onboard this time.