Alastair Campbell thought Stormzy called Theresa May a pig, not a paigon

Grime MC picked up best solo artist at GQ Awards earlier this week

Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former campaign director, thought Stormzy called Theresa May a pig, not a paigon at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards earlier this week.

The grime MC made the statement after accepting the award for best solo artist from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the ceremony.

The term is popular among some black Londoners and generally used to describe untrustworthy individuals.


The word confused Campbell though who tweeted that Stormzy said “pig”. Campbell later apologised, saying it was “good to learn new words.”

At the ceremony, Corbyn said Stormzy “singlehandedly ushered in a new era in British music” and called him “an incredible and very powerful artist”.

He added that he was “one of London’s most inspiring young men, encouraging his listeners to vote, to pray, and, very importantly, to speak openly about mental health and their issues and problems. Whether it’s speaking out against racism, supporting the victims of Grenfell, he’s remained absolutely true to his roots and committed to his values throughout.”

Stormzy said it was an “honour” to be recognised by GQ, and said he was “blessed to be in a room with so much talent. There’s so much black excellence in this room as well.”


Corbyn later took to Facebook to further praise Stormzy, while the MC called the politician a “legend” on Twitter.

Stormzy also shared a photo of himself partying with Liam Gallagher at the event. Gallagher won the ‘Rock N’ Roll Star’ Award.

Speaking to NME earlier this year about his thoughts on grime, Gallagher said: “My kid Gene is bang into Skepta. I like the look of him. He looks a bit odd and kooky. He’s a bit funky.”

He continued: “Anger’s an energy, mate. It’s where it’s at, man. I’d rather that than some f**king watered-down f**king guitar band.”