Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr to collaborate with his father?

The guitarist's dad says playing onstage with his son is an 'all time dream'

Albert Hammond said he wants to collaborate with his son, The Strokes‘ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.

Hammond had several hits on both sides of the Atlantic in the 70s including ‘It Never Rains in Southern California’, ‘The Free Electric Band’, and UK Number Ones ‘When I Need You’ by Leo Sayer (1977) and ‘Nothing’s Gonna Gonn Stop Us Now’ by Starship (1987).

In an interview with The Independent, the 64-year-old revealed his thoughts on his son’s music, adding that he “dreams” of a collaboration.


He said: “I’m truly exited at the moment because The Strokes are going into the studio for the first time in two-and-a-half years next week. I can’t wait to see what they come out with.

“My all-time dream is to take to the stage just father and son. Perhaps one day he might even like to write a song with me.”

Hammond, as revealed in NME‘s special on The Strokes last year, loaned the band money to get their career started, who went on to say that he thinks his music taste helped to shape his offspring’s career.

He said: “I think my son and I have many similarities. He’s heard all the music I love, be it Buddy Holly, The Beatles or Johnny Cash and I think he’s absorbed it. But he’s young and tries to be a little hipper than his dad, so he’ll often dismiss that music.

Albert‘s a terrific kid, and though I may not approve of everything he does, he’s just a wonderful human being.”