Albert Hammond Jr plans another solo album

A new Strokes album is on the way too

Albert Hammond Jr has spoken of his plans to release another solo album.

The singer’s debut ’Yours To Keep’ is out now and will be followed by a single ’101’ on November 27.

However Hammond Jr told NME.COM that this was just his first release, and more records would be on the way.


“I’m definitely planning on writing and making another (solo album). But if no one wants to hear my songs, I can’t really make a record,” he explained.

He also dismissed the suggestion that The Strokes‘ future albums would feature his songwriting input after his own record.

“I don’t think so, because I probably want to keep them for my second record!” he said when asked if his main band would start playing his songs.

Hammond Jr added that other Strokes solo albums were a possibility.

“I think everyone (in the band) writes,” he explained. “What would a Fab solo record sound like? If he did a solo record , it’d be rhythm and blues, like Motown or gospelly, with loads of harmonies.”

He explained work on a Strokes album with the whole band would begin in 2007.


“Probably spring next year we’ll go into the studio, but there’s no set date,” he explained.

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