Strokes guitarist writes screenplay

Albert Hammond Jr adapts Bukowski novel

The Strokes‘ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr is set to write a screenplay.

As previously reported, the band have announced they are taking a year off, but the star, who released his debut solo album ‘Yours To Keep’ in 2006, is keeping himself busy.

He is set to adapt Charles Bukowski’s novel ’Pulp’ – the story charts the surreal adventures of a private investigator.

Speaking about the book, Hammond Jr said it was “an adult comedy – dark.”

He said that the author’s widow Linda Bukowski gave him the go ahead to shop the script around, agreeing to finalise the details of a contract only after a studio was on board.

Of the casting he said: “I already have people in mind. I have it in my head- I could do it now.” However, he declined to give exact details.

Despite denying that he would want to direct the film, he told New York Magazine: “I wouldn’t want someone to ruin my script. I don’t think they’d let me direct but I’d want to be somewhere in the picture like that.”