The Streets reveal all about new album

Albums Of 2008: Mike Skinner scraps whole album and starts again

Mike ‘The Streets’ Skinner has revealed all about his forthcoming new album, set to be released in April.

Skinner previously scrapped an entire album’s worth of music, which had previously been set to be his fourth studio album, and started from scratch. His new album has dispensed with samples, instead using real musicians for the recording process.

“I just read an interview with Radiohead and they were saying you always forget how hard albums are,” he told NME.COM. “I think that’s true. It’s been two years in the making really and keeping up…knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel is really far away, the task is a very hard task, but I think you always forget how hard the albums before were as well.”

Skinner admitted that the problems he encountered trying to complete his album were of his own doing.

He explained: “It was quite well written and the rhyming was really good from a rap point of view but you were just left kind of empty so there wasn’t much to really stimulate people. So I got rid of about 80 percent of the songs on the album and then started again.

“I felt pretty disastrous really,” he continued. “It was a year’s work up till that point, it wasn’t a very happy place.”

Skinner describes the new songs as, “Smoother, nicer and more detailed”. Track titles include ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ and ‘The Escapist’.

“I’m finishing off at the moment and our Jedi Council seem to be all in agreement now we’ve got an album!” joked Skinner. “The Jedi have said yes, so hopefully we should be done in January.”

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