Check out photographer Alex Amorós’ ‘40 Music Venues’ project to support the #SaveOurVenues fundraiser

"I wanted to give something back and show support in whatever way I can"

Photographer Alex Amorós has announced his new 40 Music Venues project, which is aiming to raise funds for the ongoing #SaveOurVenues campaign.

The London-based Amorós is making a photobook featuring images of shuttered music venues that he took during the UK’s second coronavirus-enforced lockdown back in November.

“During lockdown 2.0, I decided to begin a passion project to depict the regulatory impact on 40 live music venues across London,” Amorós explained in a press release, adding that he completed the project in three weeks while travelling entirely on foot.


Windmill Brixton
Windmill Brixton (Picture: Alex Amorós)

Shots of such notable London venues as The Lexington, Notting Hill Arts Club, the Electric Ballroom, The 100 Club and Windmill Brixton are included in the 40 Music Venues photobook.

“I have considered it important to promote the precarious situation in which many industries find themselves. The music industry itself not only employs a huge amount of people, but is the heart and soul of London; giving joy to many and bringing people together,” Amorós continued.

The Fiddler’s Elbow
The Fiddler’s Elbow (Picture: Alex Amorós)

“Live music has shaped so much of my life, from working in the venues to playing [in them] myself.

“I wanted to give something back and show support in whatever way I can.”


Pre-order of Amorós’ 40 Music Venues photobook is available now. You can also donate directly to the #SaveOurVenues campaign here.

Earlier this week a group of MPs and over 100 music industry voices put their names to an open letter calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to provide a better “safety net” for music festivals to prevent them from being lost forever.