Alex Calder issues apology following sexual assault allegation

Musician says he will seek counseling and attend consent training

Canadian musician Alex Calder has issued a statement after being dropped by label Captured Tracks following an allegation of sexual assault.

Calder used to be in Mac DeMarco‘s band Makeout Videotape, and has also toured with him. DeMarco is among his former labelmates on the Captured Tracks roster, alongside artists like Diiv, Wild Nothing and Gabriella Cohen.

Last week (October 13) Calder was dropped from the label’s website without warning, just a week ahead of the release of his self-titled album. In a since-deleted tweet sent yesterday, he reportedly wrote “Bye Bye”.


Responding to queries about his disappearance from their website, Captured Tracks wrote in a statement last week: “Recently, an allegation of sexual assault against Alex Calder has come to our attention. We have been working tirelessly to speak with all parties involved and are no longer working with Alex moving forward.”

Calder has now addressed the allegation, apologising for his actions. “I have come to understand the sexual encounter I had with this person was non consensual and constituted assault,” he wrote. “At the time, I had thought that my actions were consensual and now understand that this was not the case. This encounter did not meet the criteria for getting consent. I abused this person, and I have not held myself accountable for this.”

“I want to further express how completely sorry I am to this person for any shame, humiliation, or social isolation that they have experienced following my actions,” Calder continued. “I am learning how my actions and negligence have traumatized this person and I would like to express how deeply, deeply sorry I am to them once again. I hope that being publicly accountable will relieve the survivor of some of the trauma they have faced due to my actions.”

Calder went on to say that he has “taken a step back from any creative pursuits to start putting my energy into seeking counseling and attending consent training.” He added: “Being ignorant of consent is no excuse, and I would like to thank the people in my community and elsewhere for providing resources about this.”

“This is necessary and overdue. I want others facing similar experiences to understand the importance of holding themselves accountable for their actions and begin educating themselves. Most importantly, I hope the person that I hurt can begin to heal and that we can collectively start believing survivors and addressing similar accusations very seriously.”

Read Calder’s full statement below, as well as the statement from Captured Tracks.


*Edit* This is the definition of consent I am referring to and have consulted in writing this…

Posted by Alex Calder on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Recently, an allegation of sexual assault against Alex Calder has come to our attention. We have been working tirelessly…

Posted by Captured Tracks on Friday, October 13, 2017


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