Big Star’s Alex Chilton had no health insurance

Reports claim the singer didn't seek medical assistance after experiencing 'shortness of breath and chills'

Big Star‘s Alex Chilton had no health insurance and he failed to seek medical assistance for ‘shortness of breath and chills’ in the week prior to his fatal heart attack, according to reports in the US.

In an article for The Times-Picayun, journalist Keith Spera claims that Chilton‘s wife Laura Kersting said the singer didn’t seek medical assistance on the run up to his death, partly because he had no health insurance.

“At least twice in the week before his fatal heart attack, Chilton experienced shortness of breath and chills while cutting grass,” Spera writes. “But he did not seek medical attention, [Laura] Kersting said, in part because he had no health insurance.”


The singer and guitarist, who rose to prominence in Big Star and The Box Tops, passed away last month in New Orleans, aged 59.