“I pick up lyrics quite fast” – The boy who joined Dave for ‘Thiago Silva’ at Glastonbury speaks out

Thiago Silva himself has been in touch

15-year-old Alex Mann, who went viral last weekend for his show-stopping performance of Dave’s ‘Thiago Silva’ at Glastonbury has given his first interview about the experience.

“I thought he might be joking so I thought I’d better get up as quickly as possible,” Mann told The Guardian of the moment Dave picked him out of the crowd to perform AJ Tracey‘s half of the song.

“I’m not sure what was going through my head. I was so nervous. I thought: ‘What if I mess up?’ But then I went on stage and performed and it felt so good,” he said.


“I’ve listened to the song plenty of times, to be fair, but I was worried when I went on stage. I didn’t think I would know all the lyrics but I did … I pick up lyrics quite fast,” he said.

As for the surge in social media attention following the performance, Mann revealed that Dave had reached out to offer help should he need it.

“He was supportive and said that I would get a lot of messages today and if I needed anything to let him know. He said if it got overwhelming he would be there,” Mann said.

He added: “When I was on stage, he [Dave] looked at me and said that if I got stuck and didn’t know the lyrics I could look him in the eyes and he would help.”


It’s also been revealed that the song’s titular Brazilian footballer wants to get in touch. “I haven’t spoken to him yet, but we’re in different time zones,” Mann said. “I’m not really sure what I will say to him. I really like him as a player, so I’ll probably just say that.”

Dave himself was starstruck when Silva reacted to the performance. “I’m now going to retire,” he joked.

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