Alex Turner discusses whether he’d turn ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ into a screenplay and album’s lack of big choruses

Arctic Monkeys' sixth album takes influence from science fiction movies

Alex Turner has spoken about whether he would turn ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino‘ into a screenplay and the album’s lack of big choruses.

Arctic Monkeys released their sixth album earlier this year (May 11). The record went to Number One on the Official UK Albums Chart and has since been nominated for the Hyundai Mercury Music Prize

During an appearance on podcast Kyle Meredith With…, Turner was asked if he had thought about writing a screenplay based on the record. “Not at all really because I think it completely relies on the fact that it’s a record,” he replied. “I tend to think, more and more, so much of the stuff I write – the lyrics, that is – without the melody for the words to be poured into, a lot of it wouldn’t work.”


He continued: “What you get when you put it to the melody, in my opinion, you then evoke the feeling that you’re chasing after. That can be – I don’t know if vague is the right word – but you might not be able to describe completely what that feeling is, but you know what it is when you have it.

“There’s not much of a story, so I don’t know how to get the arc and make it something other than what it is,” he added.

One of fans’ criticisms about ‘Tranquility Base…’ was that it didn’t have the big choruses much of Arctic Monkeys’ back catalogue exhibits. Asked if that was deliberate, Turner said: “Yes, in some cases, I think definitely. If there are hooks on this album, I suppose they don’t come in the form of choruses as they have in the past on some of our songs. I feel like they’re still in there, one way or another.

“As far as the structures go, I don’t know if I’d say in the past we’ve had more of a desire to explore structures that fall outside the usual,” he continued. “I would actually say most of this album does go verse-chorus-verse-chorus-middle eight more than some stuff we have done in the past. But I suppose it maybe doesn’t seem like that cos the choruses aren’t necessarily made for the stadium.”


Meanwhile, Turner recently said he would “absolutely” be up for collaborating with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. In an interview with Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson, the frontman said: “I’d love to float with Kevin. Let’s float Kev.”


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