Alex Winston shuns love songs for debut album

The New York songstress is taking inspiration from Elvis impersonators instead

Alex Winston has revealed that her forthcoming album does not feature any love songs.

The New York based singer-songwriter releases her debut ‘King Con’ early next year and she has told NME that she is not taking inspiration from the usual sources.

She said: “There are no love songs on the album. No hate songs either, most of the songs aren’t about me either. There’s a lot of social commentary. I’m really into documentaries and a lot of the songs are inspired by that. It wasn’t a deep personal album about myself.”


Of her choice of subject matter, she continued: “I wanted to focus on the drifters, the sleazy people who are always looking for the quick buck or want to manipulate you. I have a song called ‘Velvet Elvis’. An Elvis Impersonator is the biggest con man, convincing you they’re something they’re not, so ‘King Con’ is like a false prophet. So on the cover I’m wearing an Elvis suit. It’s about the seedy people of America, the people you don’t really write songs about.”

Winston has speaking after her show on the Sailor Jerry Ink City stage at Bestival (September 11). She said: “Everyone’s really uninhibited here which I like a lot. When I play in London often people just stand there whether they’re enjoying it or not. I have, not a campy show but an energetic show and I like it when the audience is enjoying it as much as we’re enjoying playing onstage. Festival season is a really good vibe, really fun.”

She added: “I think it’s the best crowd we’ve had – I’m not just saying that because it’s the festival I’m at, but maybe it’s because everyone’s been partying all week and this is their last day here, they seem like very dedicated to the festival and having fun.”