Alexisonfire streaming gig on Facebook tomorrow (Dec 17)

Band will play experimental EP 'Dog's Blood' in its entirety

Alexisonfire will stream their gig from Toronto‘s Sonic Boom store on Facebook tomorrow night (December 17).

The band are playing a special set at the famed record store, with entrance to the show available on a first-come, first-served basis.

They will be streaming the whole gig live via, with the show starting at 8pm (GMT).

Alexisonfire will be performing their new EP ‘Dog’s Blood’ in its entirety. The EP, which was released in October this year, is a collection of tracks which the band have deemed too experimental to make it on to their full albums.

Singer George Pettit told earlier this year that the band believed putting the songs on an EP would avoid a backlash. “If you’re disappointed by an EP, you’re probably still more than likely to come back for the next record,” he said.