Ian Smith fails to show for a gig in Birmingham, plunging the band's UK tour into chaos...

Alfie’s UK tour was plunged into chaos last night (February 3) when guitarist IAN SMITH disappeared.

The band’s UK tour called into Birmingham Academy 2, but the show was thrown into doubt when Smith failed to turn up for the band’s soundcheck.

One fan told NME.COM: “It was announced by the band that they could only play three songs due to the lack of guitarist because if they did play there would be ‘large hollow gaps’ in the songs. They said he did not turn up for the soundcheck at 4pm that day and now they were worried, which you could tell by the looks on their faces.”

Happily, Smith has now returned and the tour is set to continue tonight at Leeds Cockpit as planned. An official spokesperson for the band told NME.COM: “He went AWOL. Nobody could get in touch. The band were very worried and called the police because it’s out of character to miss a show, but the good news is he’s been found safe and well.”

The band plan to return to Birmingham soon, with tickets for last night still valid at the new show.

Alfie release a new single, ’No Need’ on February 16 through Regal.