Alice Cooper retracts Mumford & Sons insults: ‘They’re a really good rock and roll band’

The shock-rocker previously called the band an 'offence to rock'n'roll'

Alice Cooper has said that he’s been forced to swallowed his words after calling Mumford & Sons an “offence to rock’n’roll”.

Recently speaking to NME, Cooper discussed about the band’s new album and how they’ve evolved from a folk band to one with a more guitar-based sound.

“Have you heard the new album? It rocks!,” Cooper told NME in a video interview (see above). “They proved me wrong”.

“They’re a really good folk band. Then they come out with this new album and they’re a really good rock’n’roll band.”

Back in 2013, Cooper referred to modern musicians being “afraid to be in a rock band” and, using the British group as an example, stated: “Mumford and Sons are great at what they do. But it’s not rock’n’roll. Don’t call it rock’n’roll. It’s an offence to rock’n’roll.”

NMEAndy Ford/NME

However, despite the band’s more rock-leaning latest album ‘Wilder Mind’, Cooper still wouldn’t liken them to the genre he, himself falls into: “When you say Alice Cooper, you’re talking rock’n’roll, guitar rock’n’roll, attitude rock.”

“So I’m not taking anything back because when I made the comments they were playing folk music. Now, I’m really impressed with them. That’s the kind of band I’d go and see”.

In response to Cooper’s initial remarks, Mumford & Sons previously brushed the comments off, claiming that they “didn’t know rock’n’roll had rules”. Watch their response in the clip below.

Cooper is due to release his covers album this year and has confirmed that it features Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Johnny Depp and is “done, mixed [and] ready to go”.

The shock-rock singer is heading on tour later this year, following his onstage appearance at Foo Fighters’ surprise show in celebration of Dave Grohl’s 46th birthday.

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