Alice Cooper talks working with Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson

The shock-rocker says new 'Hollywood Vampires' album is 'done' and 'ready to go'

Alice Cooper has discussed his upcoming ‘Hollywood Vampires’ covers album.

As previously reported, Cooper will pay tribute to the social group he used to drink with in the ’70s, which included John Lennon, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson and Ringo Star. The singer has said that the record is “dedicated to all the friends we’ve lost to drugs and alcohol over the years and getting people to come in and cover the songs their friends wrote.”

Speaking to Billboard recently, Cooper confirmed that the record, which features Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Johnny Depp and more, is “done, mixed [and] ready to go”.

Cooper said: “The album’s done. It’s mixed, ready to go and I’m very, very happy with it. I’m really happy with all the stuff on it. [Paul] McCartney’s on it. [Ringo Starr’s drummer son] Zak [Starkey]’s on it. Dave Grohl is on it, [AC/DC frontman] Brian Johnson – and in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be, that’s the cool thing.”

“I can’t really say [what covers will be on the album] right now, but if you think of it, who were the Hollywood Vampires? John Lennon was there. Jim Morrison was an early Vampire. We had Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon of course, Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan. Those guys were all Vampires.”

Cooper also joked: “The performers have to be dead. Or mentally dead. Or should be dead.”

The Hollywood Vampires supergroup are due to play the Rock in Rio festival in September – though it is unlikely that McCartney will join them on tour.

Earlier this year, Alice Cooper joined Foo Fighters at a surprise show marking frontman Dave Grohl’s 46th birthday. Watch footage below.