Alice Cooper: ‘Johnny Depp is a brilliant, brilliant actor’

The shock rocker also compares Lou Reed and Metallica to Iggy Pop and Abba

Alice Cooper has opened up about his upcoming cameo in the new Tim Burton film adaptation of the American soap opera, Dark Shadows.

Speaking to NME in the video clip you can see above, Cooper said that the movie’s star Johnny Depp is a “brilliant” actor.

Cooper said:

I always call Johnny Depp ‘Lon Chaney III’, because he is the man of a thousand faces. Every movie he does, he finds a way to become another character that probably other actors wouldn’t have gone to. He’s amazing. He’s a brilliant, brilliant actor doing that.

He continued to describe the show, which ran in the late 1960s, as a “the oddest hit, because it shouldn’t have been a hit. Vampires weren’t a big deal back then, like they are now.”

Alice Cooper invited Johnny Depp to join him on stage and play guitar during his show at London’s famed 100 Club in June.

The rocker also shared his thoughts on the recent musical project between Lou Reed and Metallica, comparing its shock factor to the idea of a collaboration between Iggy Pop and ABBA. “I really want to hear [‘Lulu’],” he told NME. “Lou Reed‘s lyrics are dark as can be, and Metallica‘s this gigantic steroid metal band. How does this gel?”

You can also watch Cooper discuss the success of his recent album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ below:

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