Alice Cooper: ‘Lady Gaga is a female version of me’

Veteran rocker says Gaga is "the closest" modern equivalent to him

Alice Cooper has hailed Lady Gaga as “the female” version of him.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the veteran rocker said that Gaga reminded him of himself and that she was “the closest” thing to a modern day Alice Cooper.

Cooper – who releases his new album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ later this month on September 12 – said:

Lady Gaga is the female Alice Cooper. She created a character named Lady Gaga. She wrote songs for Lady Gaga. Not for herself – for Lady Gaga. I write for [b[Alice[/b]; I don’t write for me… and she produced those songs on stage for Lady Gaga. Now there’s a Lady Gaga nation out there, and if you meet her off stage, she’s nothing like that person on stage.

He went on to add:

It’s like, ‘me either’. I’m nothing like Alice. But we created a character that belongs to rock’n’roll. So, she’s the closest, out of everybody.

Previously, Cooper had claimed that he wanted to ‘spitroast’ Lady Gaga in her iconic meat bikini. He reportedly said: “I thought it would be good to put Lady Gaga on stage on a spit and barbeque her in the meat dress. That would be great, people in the audience would come up and take chunks of meat off her.”