Alice Cooper: ‘Ke$ha is a female Robert Plant’

The godfather of shock rock teamed up with the pop star for his new album

Alice Cooper has explained his decision to team up with Ke$ha for a new song.

‘What Baby Wants’ from Cooper’s new album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ is a duet with the pop singer, and he says she has more of a rock streak than she’s given credit for.

When the two were interviewed together for The Guardian, Cooper said:

The thing I liked about her is she looked like a rock singer. I think she’s going to wind up with a band behind her as a sort of female Robert Plant. [She’s] got that stature and attitude. And that’s why I wanted [her] to play the devil on my album.

Ke$ha agreed with Cooper’s assessment of her, adding: “I’m not a submissive, perfect pop princess, that’s for damned sure. I do think I have a rebellious, metal-loving rock chick inside of me… I’m talking to millions of people around the world about having sex freely, getting hammered, and partying. It’s fun for me to be riding that line of appropriateness.”

The two performed the track at Cooper’s recent LA gig. He begins a UK tour on October 25 at Sheffield City Hall and finishes at Glasgow Clyde Auditorium on October 31.