First Geri Halliwell, now the shock rocker - John Prescott could do with him by his side...

Following endorsement from GERI HALLIWELL, Prime Minister TONY BLAIR has found backing from a rather different musical source – ALICE COOPER.

The original shock-rock superstar has invited Blair to join him onstage at his forthcoming show at Wembley Arena (May 18) to perform ‘Elected’.

Speaking on XFM in London today Cooper said: “We’re going to do ‘Elected’, in fact I saw a commercial that they [the Labour Party] were using ‘Elected’, so I said ‘Well let’s try and get Tony to come up and do the song with us’. I don’t know what the protocol is, but we’ll try and get both parties up there!”

The Labour Party never actually used the Cooper tune on any official election material. A novelty version of ‘Elected’, featuring Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson and Mr Bean was released in 1997 during the election campaign.

It is unclear if Tony Blair, a keen guitarist, was interested in taking up Cooper‘s offer. A spokesperson for the Labour Party was unavailable for comment at press time.