The pop outfit and hard rocker combine to record two versions of the Cooper classic 'School's Out'...

Alice Cooper has teamed up with pop band A*TEENS for what seems to be this year’s most unlikely collaboration.

The legendary rocker and the Swedish band recorded Alice Cooper‘s classic ‘School’s Out’ in a recording studio in Stockholm last weekend.

The session resulted in two versions, one pop and one rock. Alice Cooper sings on the tracks and has co-produced them both.

A*Teens’ management came up with the idea of the collaboration and contacted Alice Cooper about recording ‘School’s Out’. They were quite surprised when he agreed.

Alice Cooper has turned down other collaborations before so we didn’t have high hopes,” said a spokesperson for A*Teens’ record label. “But since his own kids like A*Teens he was really into the idea.”

A video for ‘School’s Out’ will be recorded in Los Angeles in March, with the single release suitably planned for around the end of school term this summer.

The tracks will also be featured on the forthcoming A*Teens album, which is currently being recorded.