Alice Cooper recalls getting into a bar brawl with Kasabian over Iraq War – watch

Shock-rocker discusses alcohol-fuelled punch-up at a festival in Transylvania

Alice Cooper has revealed that he was involved in a bar brawl with Kasabian a few years ago.

Speaking to NME in a video interview (see above), the shock-rocker described how he met the Leicester band when the two acts played B’Estival in Bucharest, Romania during 2007.

“We were at a festival in Transylvania with Marilyn Manson and all these bands,” Cooper began.


“We’re sitting in a bar and these guys [Kasabian] are drunk, they’re going ‘Americans, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be in this war’ and we were like ‘You’re right but we don’t want trouble'”.

“Pretty soon they pushed [Alice Cooper bassist] Chuck too far and we had to pull him off. We said ‘Don’t try to talk politics please, it’s just rock’n’roll’. I mean, I hate politics.”

Despite the incident, the singer added that there’s no bad feeling towards the British group. “It was just alcohol. I like that band [Kasabian], I think they’re great. Nobody held grudges about that. Nobody got knocked out, so it was okay.”

Meanwhile, Cooper has also said that he’s been forced to swallowed his words after calling Mumford & Sons an “offence to rock’n’roll”.

“Have you heard the new album? It rocks!,” Cooper told NME. “They proved me wrong. They’re a really good folk band then they come out with this new album and they’re a really good rock’n’roll band.”

Back in 2013, Cooper referred to modern musicians being “afraid to be in a rock band” and, using the British group as an example, stated: “Mumford & Sons are great at what they do. But it’s not rock’n’roll. Don’t call it rock’n’roll. It’s an offence to rock’n’roll.”