Alice Cooper: “Johnny Depp would rather play guitar than act”

The pair play together in Hollywood Vampires

Alice Cooper has said that Johnny Depp would “rather play guitar than act”.

The pair play together alongside Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry in the Hollywood Vampires, who will tour the UK together in 2020.

Speaking in a new interview with Three Sides Of The Coin, Cooper revealed that despite being a lauded actor, Depp’s main focus right now is on his music.


“You take three alpha males like that — and that’s not counting the other guys in the band that are all in big bands — and realise that there’s never been an argument, there’s never been anybody leaving stage angry,” Cooper says of the band’s dynamic.

“During rehearsal, we’ve never had an argument. It’s a very cooperative band, and we get things done that way. Johnny gets up there and plays his butt off. He’s there for rehearsal before I get there.

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper as Hollywood Vampires.

“People are really surprised when they hear him play because they don’t realize how good of a guitar player he is. I think he’d rather play guitar than act. I told him not to lose his day job, because we can’t pay him $25 million a show, but I think he loves playing guitar and he loves being up on stage…”

Cooper continued: “It’s kind of nice that I’m not always the frontman. I can move around and other people can take the lead. To me, that’s a lot of freedom.”


Speaking to NME earlier this year, Cooper discussed the new Hollywood Vampires record and the recent controversy surrounding Johnny Depp, saying: “Most of it was written on the road. A lot of it is Johnny Depp’s writing and there’s a lot of venom in his lyrics because of all the crap that went on.

“Almost everything I read about Johnny Depp was absolutely untrue. You know, I’m touring with him and it says here in the paper: ‘Well, you [Depp] weigh 90 lbs and you’re a drug addict and you’re drinking and that you’re out of money’ and all this stuff.

“I’m on tour with him and I’ve never seen him look better in his lifetime, I’ve never heard him play better, he’s laughing all the time. Just the opposite of what you’re reading is what was going on.”