Alice Glass says Ethan Kath now owes her legal fees

His defamation lawsuit appeal has been denied, she says

Alice Glass claims that she has beaten her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath in court for a second time, after his defamation lawsuit appeal was denied.

Kath attempted to sue Glass for defamation after she accused him of subjecting her to “a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control.” Following her public statement, The Toronto Police Service later confirmed to the Daily Beast that Kath is under a sex crimes unit investigation.

On February 23 this year, Alice Glass tweeted “I won in court today!”, saying that defamation lawsuit filed against her by Ethan Kath has been “dismissed” 


Exclaim reports that Glass successfully proved that her public comments against Kath are protected under the U.S. First Amendment, which defends the right to free speech. She also proved that her comments were made in the public interest. Kath was reportedly unable to produce further evidence to support his defamation claim, and Glass pursued him for $20,000 in legal fees.

In a new update, Glass says that his appeal has now been denied. “The bullshit lawsuit by my former bandmate was once again denied in his appeal attempt today,” she tweeted. “Now he owes us legal fees.”

In a second tweet, the musician added: “heres the official from my lawyer for those who speak legal stuff.. “The court denied his request to vacate the judgment that dismissed his lawsuit. The judgment remains in our favor. The court also granted our request for attorney’s fees and costs” he lost and owes me $$”

Upon beating Ethan Kath’s original defamation suit in court earlier this year, Glass said “this is a victory for survivors of abuse and sexual misconduct in countries where abusers use the court system to further victimize and keep people silent. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED”


Meanwhile, Alice Glass is now releasing solo music, leading with the powerful track ‘Cease and Decease’ at the beginning of this year. She released her debut solo EP in 2017.


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