Alice Glass shares new Jupiter Keyes-produced single ‘NIGHTMARES’

Glass says more music is to come this year

Alice Glass has shared her first new song in two years, entitled ‘NIGHTMARES’. The track is set to appear on experimental label Sermon 3 Recordings’s forthcoming compilation, ‘Sermon 4 Anniversary’.

The track is produced by her longtime friend and collaborator Jupiter Keyes. In an Instagram post, Glass said she was “finishing up her album” and that new music was coming later this year.


“Support for one another in the underground and independent arts and music community is more important than ever right now,” she said.

Glass released her solo debut EP ‘Alice Glass*’ in 2017, and followed it with a string of singles, including ‘CEASE AND DESIST’ and ‘Mine’. A remixed version of the EP and the single ‘I Trusted You’ on an Adult Swim compilation were released in 2018.

Glass announced her departure from Crystal Castles in 2014, accusing her former bandmate Ethan Kath of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse in a statement issued during October 2017.

Kath denied the claims at the time and responded by suing Glass for defamation. Glass recently revealed that the lawsuit had been dismissed.

The tracklist of ‘Sermon 4 Anniversary’ is:


1. Alice Glass – ‘NIGHTMARES’
2. DJ Deeon – ‘Bang Them’
3. The 83rd – ‘Cleaver’
4. NEUTER//MRTRU3LOVE – ‘bittersweet’
5. Via App – ‘Electromancy (Esh Umaim Version)’
6. DÆMON – ‘Stay Still’
7. SCRAAATCH – ‘u don’t kno until u come’
8. Odete – ‘O DIABO’
9. Meth Math – ‘aserje’