Listen to Alice Glass’ new solo single ‘Without Love’

Ex-Crystal Castles star shares second solo track folllowing 2015's 'Stillbirth'

Ex-Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass has shared a new single, titled ‘Without Love’.

Glass parted ways with the noise-electro band in October 2014, with former bandmate Ethan Kath continuing to release music under the moniker with new vocalist Edith Frances. Crystal Castles released their first album without Glass last year with ‘Amnesty (I)’.

Following on from Glass’ debut solo single ‘Stillbirth’ in 2015, she has now returned with ‘Without Love’, which was written by Glass with additional writing and production from HEALTH‘s Jupiter Keyes.


Listen below:

NEW SINGLE ~ without love ~ (-_-メ) OUT NOW ?

Posted by Alice Glass on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Glass and Kath engaged in a public dispute following the singer’s departure from the band. Glass has said that she was “frustrated” and “desperate” throughout her career with Kath.

“For the majority of my career I was conflicted,” she said last year. “I would go onstage and show this aggressive, angry side of myself. It was an expression of my frustration and desperation. It was a way for me to communicate what I was going through without having to explain anything offstage, because I didn’t want to be seen as vulnerable. It was a way to be confrontational when in my personal life I felt like my feelings weren’t respected. It was deeply miserable.”


Glass added: “I felt like I was lying to my fans even though my way of speaking out was the most honest expression which I had available to me at the time. Now I feel like I’m finally learning to use my voice.”