The star is tipped to make in appearance in a Disney flick...

Alicia Keys is set to make her film debut.

The star is expected to make an appearance in a currently untitled Disney project, according to her manager Jeff Robinson.

He told MTV news: “It’s an untitled project. It’s a tearjerker. A little bit of ‘Sparkle’, a little bit of ‘Lady Sings the Blues’. She’s a natural for the camera. A lot of people don’t know that she’s been acting longer than she’s been doing music. Her mother is an actress.”


However, he put paid to speculation that Alicia Keys will appear in a remake of ‘A Star Is Born’ with Will Smith.

He concluded: “She was asked to do it. But her first movie shouldn’t be a movie where she’s basically playing herself. I don’t think that’s real acting, playing yourself. I think her first film should be a little more challenging, a little bit more dramatic. A smaller role, then she grows into a starring role.”

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