Alicia Keys has been in the studio with J. Cole

The pair have written a few songs that will “possibly” be released in the future

Alicia Keys has revealed that she’s been in the studio with J.Cole and the pair have finished “two or three” songs that might be released in the future.

In September, Keys released a Youtube documentary about the creation of her upcoming double album ‘KEYS’ that featured footage of her and Cole working on a song together.

Now, speaking in a new interview with Complex, Keys said: “There was a festive studio energy. We were talking, we were conversating, building and then we just kinda happened to fall on some vibes or some things or some flows. Actually there was like two or three of them. So that was good, and we’ll see what happens.”


Check the interview out below:

The collab won’t feature on ‘KEYS’, which is out Friday (December 10) but there’s a chance the tracks will come out in the future. “It’s possible,” said Keys. “It’s really possible. It’s good too. I liked it, it was easy and it was fluid. I don’t know how he works, because everyone works differently. Some people like to capture the vibe then go later to refine it, some people like to do it all on the spot.”

Writing about her upcoming album, she previously said: “One album. Two versions. Originals and Unlocked. The Originals come from that classic side of me! It’s that AK that we WANT! A homecoming. The Unlocked side, I wanted to sample The Originals to create a whole other sonic experience. So, Mike WiLL Made It and I connected and made magic.

“Together, they are a fusion of the worlds within me with the #KEYS as the main ingredient. And I’m so excited to share it with you. I CANT WAIT!”


Earlier this year, Keys shared a 20th anniversary edition of her groundbreaking debut album ‘Songs In A Minor’, which featured a special edition set that contained two previously unreleased bonus tracks from the original album recording sessions, ‘Crazy (Mi Corazon)’ and ‘Foolish Heart’, the latter of which was the first song she ever recorded.