Dryden Mitchell has been fitted with a metal halo that will keep his upper body immobile...

Alien Ant Farm singer DRYDEN MITCHELL is likely to undergo surgery on his injured back while hospitalised in LONDON.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band and six members of their touring entourage were rushed to hospital after the bus they were travelling on crashed near Navalmoral de la Mata, Spain (May 22). The driver of the bus, Christopher Holland of Crofty, near Swansea, was killed on impact.

Dryden Mitchell was the most badly hurt of the bandmembers, with initial reports suggesting he suffered back injuries. Mitchell has not traveled back to his native US with the rest of the group, instead opting to come to London for treatment.

Now, in a statement on the band’s official website,, it has emerged that Mitchell suffered a fracture to his C2 vertebra, which will likely require surgery.

In an attempt to aid recovery, he has been fitted with a metal halo that will keep his upper body immobile.

Speaking from hospital, Mitchell said: “I’m just so grateful that my injuries aren’t worse. There will be a lot of rehabilitation and physical therapy, but I’m planning on working hard so the band can get back to writing songs, and then we can get in the studio and record the new album as soon as possible.”

The remaining members of the band are recovering in the US. Guitarist Terry Corso has a broken ankle, bassist Tye Zamora foot injuries, while drummer Mike Cosgrove has minor cuts and bruises.

The group’s Czech security guard, David Zajic, has been airlifted to Prague where he remains critical, suffering multiple skull and facial fractures . Mitchell continued: ” We are extremely concerned about David. He’s our best friend and we’re praying for a full recovery.”

The band’s manager John Boyle, announced: “We are extremely touched by the response. Fans have been sending their wishes for a speedy recovery, and both the artist community and the media have come out in force to show their support. It’s wonderful to know that people really care.”

All live plans are cancelled until September.