Dryden Mitchell says he still finds it difficult to play guitars...

Alien Ant Farm singer DRYDEN MITCHELL has said that he still finds it difficult to play guitar following the injuries he sustained in a bus crash earlier this year.

The band and six members of their touring entourage were rushed to hospital after the bus they were travelling on crashed near Navalmoral de la Mata, Spain (May 22). The driver of the bus, Christopher Holland of Crofty, near Swansea, was killed on impact.

Dryden Mitchell was the most badly hurt of the bandmembers, with back injuries, fracturing his C2 vertebra.

Now, speaking in the US, Mitchell explained how his recovery is coming along.

“I’m getting better each week”, he told Rolling Stone. “People kept telling me everything was going to be OK, but I could feel it in the doctors’ voices that it wasn’t for sure. I broke my C-2 – Christopher Reeve broke the same one. And my bone flicked into my spinal cord. That’s not good.

“I have a lot of nerve damage. Dead fingertips, so its hard to play the guitar, and if I move my head down, my arms fall asleep. Weird sensations.”

Alien Ant Farm will not return to the studio in the near future.

He concluded: “No rush. I devote all my time to therapy. I’ve been riding a bike, which does me good, especially considering that the bike could have been a wheelchair.”