The group's security guard is hospitalised with "undetermined but critical injuries" after the crash that killed the driver...

One man remains in critical condition following Alien Ant Farm‘s bus crash in SPAIN yesterday (May 22).

The band’s tour bus collided head on with a lorry near Navalmoral de la Mata at 2.20am (May 22), as the group made their way to Lisbon for a show. Most members of the band and crew were asleep at the time.

Now, the full extent of the band’s injuries has been revealed. It has now been confirmed that the driver of the bus was killed on impact.

Also, singer Dryden Mitchell has sustained back injuries, guitarist Terry Corso suffered a broken ankle, bassist Tye Zamora foot injuries, while drummer Mike Cosgrove was taken to hospital, but only with cuts and bruises.

Other members of the group’s touring party suffered broken feet, back injuries and bruises, while the band’s security guard, David Zajic, is in hospital with “undetermined but critical injuries”.

Band manager John Boyle said in a statement: “We send our condolences and prayers to the family of the driver and our prayers are with David in hopes that he has a full recovery. We’re obviously very fortunate and thankful the band and crew survived the accident.”

The rest of the group’s European dates have been pulled, and it is unclear what will happen to a US tour, due to start later this month.