And we've got details of the band's new album too...

Alien Ant Farm are set to embark on a month-long tour of the US, just over a year after singer DRYDEN MITCHELL broke his back.

The band kick off the dates in Las Vegas on July 5 and finish up in Houston, 21 dates later. The events mark the first time Alien Ant Farm have been on tour since the band were involved in a bus crash in Spain in 2002, which left the group injured and bus driver, Christopher Holland, dead.

Speaking to MTV, Mitchell said, “I think it should be pretty good. We’re a well-rehearsed band.”


He added, “We’re going to start to rehearse in about a week. I guess the idea behind it is to be tight and not try and get tight a few weeks into a tour that only lasts a month.”

The band are expected to play songs from the follow-up to 2001’s ‘ANThology’ – ‘truANT,’ due out on August 19.

‘These Days’ is likely to be the first single, described by Mitchell as a “driving rock ditty… about guy-girl stuff,” and the band hope to work again with ‘Smooth Criminal’ director Marc Klasfeld on the video.

According to Alien Ant Farm‘s label, Dreamworks, the ‘truANT’ tracklisting will be:

‘A 1000 Days’

‘Drifting Apart’




‘These Days’

‘Sarah Wynn’

‘Never Meant’


‘Tia Lupe’

‘Rubber Mallet’

‘S.S. Recognize’