The rappers' name change explained...

West Coast party rappers THA LIKS, previously known as the ALKAHOLIKS, have revealed the reason for their name change.

Speaking exclusively to NMEHIPHOP.COM E-Swift one third of the trio explained why the band had shortened the name.

“We’ve just shortened it – like using the nickname because you know,” he said, “because using the name Tha Alkaholics point blank is a negative name and we knew that when we picked it up. It’s gotten us to where we are at now, but you know there were times when we couldn’t get on major things because of the name.

“You know, they were saying it was too negative and they didn’t want to know because of the name itself without even hearing the music. There were times when we were on tours and we went to certain cities and we couldn’t even perform because they didn’t want to advertise the name. So collectively we just sat down and were like ‘Ay dude, let’s just change it to Tha Liks, they always call us Tha Liks anyway, so that’s not really selling out you know.’ That’s not really doing too much. It’s working better for us.”

He also went onto to discuss their highly anticipated fourth album, ‘X.O Experience’ contains collaborations with in-demand production duo The Neptunes as well as Redman and Janet Jackson producer Rockwilder.

“The first single is ‘The Best U Can’ produced by The Neptunes. That’s just a straight party down, club for the women, the strip clubs or whatever, just to have a lot of fun.

“The second single is probably going to be ‘Run Wild’ by Rockwilder, the third one will probably going to be ‘Going Crazy’ produced by me. So that’s one for the headbangers!”