All Saints, East 17, Atomic Kitten tour cancelled

Ticketmaster tweet news to fan, but groups remain silent over reason of cancellation

The All Saints, East 17 and Atomic Kitten tour has been cancelled due to ‘unforseen circumstances’.

The ‘Another Time Another Place’ tour was due to visit Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham in November but now Ticketmaster lists all eight dates as cancelled.

There has been no word from the band’s camps, however the ticket website removed the dates from it’s site and tweeted a fan the news. The tweet read: “Yes, the tour has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, sorry. All affected customers will be contacted shortly!”


All Saints, which are formed of Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt, Natalie and Nicole Appleton, originally split in 2001 before briefly reforming in 2006.

 As the Evening Standard reports, Blatt had previously insisted in an interview in 2009 that the band will never reform.

The news comes as a surprise since Blatt had insisted, “All Saints are never getting back together again”. She added: “I never want to sing again. I recently did the Brits with Nic and we just went round chatting to people and then got drunk. That’s my goal – to get paid for chatting to people and getting drunk!”

Nicole Appleton recently split from her husband Liam Gallagher after The New York Post claimed that journalist Liza Ghorbani had had an affair with him after she interviewed him for the New York Times in 2010, It was also claimed that subsequently gave birth to a daughter, Gemma, in January of this year.

The former Oasis frontman was living with his wife Appleton, the mother of his 12-year-old son Gene, when news of Ghorbani’s claims were revealed earlier this year.

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