Two group members have contracted a virus...

ALL SAINTS have been forced to cancel a promotional trip to JAPAN and AUSTRALIA due to illness.

According to a statement issued by their record label in Australia, two of the group, Shaznay Lewis and the pregnant Nicole Appleton, are suffering from a virus and have been ordered to rest.

The statement reads: “This withdrawal has been forced on the band due to a virus contracted by two members of the group. They have received strict instructions from their doctors to rest completely and avoid all strenuous activity.


“All Saints wish to apologise to all their fans in Japan and Australia for this late cancellation. They also wish to convey their regret to the all the media that were ready to greet them and to their Warner Music colleagues, who have worked so hard to make this visit possible.”

“Shaznay, Mel, Natalie and Nicole hope that they will be able to return to Australia in the not too distant future.”

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