Shaznay Lewis gets a bit of quality assistance...

SHAZNAY LEWIS collaborates with PRIMAL SCREAM and BASEMENT JAXX on her forthcoming solo album.

The former All Saints releases ‘Open’ later this summer, preceded by the single ‘Never Felt Like This Before’ on July 19.

While the single was co-written with Belinda Carlisle collaborator Rick Nowels, the album contains the altogether cooler Jaxx on one track, with another featuring the Scream as backing band.

Other collaborators include [/a]’s Trevor Jackson, Biz Markie and Bacon And Quarmbie.

Despite being credited as the [a]’ major songwriter, Lewis has been barely seen or heard since the group’s acrimonious split in 2001. Solo projects from bandmates the Appleton sisters and Melanie Blatt have both faltered.

Of her return, Lewis said: “We were buzzing in the studio. Everyone I worked with was so enthusiastic about what we were doing and nothing was premeditated. It’s just been one big jam.”