The girls are set to pocket around a million pounds for detailing every famous person they've pulled...

NICOLE and NATALIE APPLETON’s have sold the rights for their autobiography to PENGUIN BOOKS.

And it has been reported that they could stand to make a million pounds from the book, which, as previously reported on NME.COM, is set to reveal all about their past relationships with Robbie Williams and Jamie Theakston as well as current boyfriends Liam Gallagher and Liam Howlett.

Publishing director Tony Weldon, who has seen a 75-page summary of the book, told the Daily Record: “This is the frankest proposal for an autobiography I have ever read. Some of the stories the Appletons are going to tell are breathtakingly candid. This is a book about what it is really like to live on Planet Fame.

“But it is also a book about two sisters, dissimilar in every way, but intrinsically connected, the story of two girls thrown into an extraordinary world, finding solace, no matter what, in the familiarity of each other.”

The book is to be published next autumn, when the two former All Saints are expected to relaunch their pop careers.